Monday, July 2, 2012

Contour (a Scala+GWT framework) Tutorial

In my spare time I've been writing a client+server web-framework in Scala + Google Web Toolkit. It is in a very early stage right now, but is already enough to make the code of the GWT's tutorial two times shorter, yet easier to read and understand.

I mean two times shorter when compared to the Scala version of the StockWatcher tutorial from the previous article, which itself was shorter and easier to read than the original Java version of the code.

The framework is called Contour ( It is worth mentioning that it uses reactive programming under the covers. Here is a Contour-based version of our app in action:

Scala + Google Web Toolkit. Tutorial.

Today we'll rewrite a standard Google Web Toolkit (GWT) tutorial translating Java code to Scala code line by line. In the next article we'll rewrite this example one more time using a more idiomatic Scala API on top of GWT. Here is our Scala+GWT app in action: